About Us

About Afrinat

Company Overview

Afrinat Group is a wholly Ghanaian company registered in Ghana to operate different business at the country, regional, continental and international levels.



The Group’s vision is to present a “New Face of Africa in Business”. This has become as a result of pain and frustration suffered by the owners of the company through the experiences they had dealing with African business entities and individuals. The strong desires and the wish to change how Africa does business precipitated this vision.


Creating a unique identity and crafting a unique, leading path in manufacturing, construction, services, trade and human capital development. We bring solutions to our customers in different industries by leveraging knowledge, technology, innovation, and speed in delivery.

We achieve these through:

  • Developing and keeping a team of employees who are technically skilful, creative and multi-intelligent.
  • Applying the most efficient and innovative technology that assures quality, speed and meets customer expectation.
  • Working in with our partners and strategic alliances in a collaborative and open manner.

Core Values

To actualize our vision, we have adopted the following core values:

  • Inovation

    Being bold to take initiative, experimenting new ideas and challenging the known to find more effective and unprecedented ways of developing ideas into product or solutions that give maximum value.

  • Safety

    We encourage a safe environment, preventing avoidable accidents and adopting safe working habits to deliver solutions to our customers.

  • Accountability

    We encourage every employee to be responsible for individuals’ and teams’ actions towards achieving the objectives of the company.

  • Quality

    We apply all the necessary steps to ensure that our products and services meet the highest international standards of quality.

Management Team

Team Memebers include:

  • Mr. Samuel Ofori, MBA (CEO)

    Mr. Samuel Ofori is the founder and CEO of Afrinat International Airline. He holds a BA in Business Administration from Nova University, Florida. Mr. Ofori in his early years worked for Bell Atlantic Systems before Setting up Afrinat International Airline. A shred business man, Mr. Ofori operated one of the biggest import & export business with Africa from Florida. Mr. Ofori is responsible for the strategic planning and overall implementation of Afrinat operations. He has given interviews to the BBC and ABTA laying out the strategy for Afrinat’s success. In 1990, Mr. Ofori managed Ghana Airways Hajj flights and in 1992 organized flights for the Gambia, Accra Judah and Saudi Arabia.

  • Mrs. Hannah Ofori, B.Sc. Pharm D.

    Mrs. Hannah Ofori graduated from KNUST, Ghana, with her bachelors in Nuclear Physics in 1995. She later attended University of Kansas in the US, where she earned her Doctorate in Pharmacy. Very sharp and astute individual, Mrs. Ofori has held managerial position of higher responsibility within the hospital and also as a management consultant for the Air Ambulance Medical Industry. She has been instrumental in carving strategic decisions for Afrinat Airlines. Mrs. Ofori has executive experience in negotiations, recruitment and business decision making.

  • Mr. Divine K.D Letsa

    Mr. Divine K.D. Letsa is a Senior Legal Practitioner in Ghana, with over 35 years at the Bar. Mr. Letsa is also an international lawyer with vast experience in aviation and shipping laws. He has a number of articles to his credits and continues to nurture some junior and up and coming lawyers; in their law firm (Bentsi-Enchi, Letsa and Ankomah). Mr. Divine Letsa has been working for Afrinat International Airlines for the past 15 years. He has a strong commercial experience and always makes sure Afrinat’s legal issues are on the right course.

  • Mr. William Asamoah

    Mr. William Asamoah graduated from the University of Ghana, Legon with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology with Psychology in 1979. He obtained a Certificate on Road Transport Management from the Management Development and Productivity Institute in 1986. He is an Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Transport, (now Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. He also had a Certificate in Insurance from the State Insurance Corporation in 1975. Mr. Asamoah late r also, through hard work acquired a Certificate in Executive Programme on Corporate Management in 1997 in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Asamoah worked with the State Insurance Corporation (now State Insurance Company) in the Motor Underwriting Department in the mid-seventies. After completion of his National Service with the State Transport Corporation (STC), now ISTC, in 1980 he left for Lagos, Nigeria where he worked as graduate teacher in 1980. He participated in a Guidance and Counselling programme that earned him a Certificate in 1982.

    Mr. Asamoah returned to Ghana and was appointed and worked with the State Transport Corporation in February 1985. During his 29 years of service with the Transport Company, he rose through the ranks to be the International Manager in charge of all international station and finally became the Acting General Manager, Operations after serving successfully in as a Traffic Manager. He is full of experience and highly committed to his job.

  • Dr. Paul Sowah

    Paul is an Organizational Development practitioner and consultant, a forester and counsellor. He is a founding member of the Institute Certified Business Analysts & Consultants (ICBAC) Ghana; and also a member of Governance and Leadership Institute, Ghana. He has developed his career over the last ten years, with his background in Natural Resources Management. Pauls holds a B.Sc. in Natural Resources Management with a major in Forestry; Post-Graduates Certificate and Diploma Business Administration from GIMPA; Post Graduate Diploma and Master of Arts in Organizational Development from the University Of Cape Coast. Paul gained Doctor of Philosophy honours from the Technological University of the Americas, Suriname after the University Council has reviewed his works in the area of Leadership, Organizational Systems Analysis, Innovation and Change Management. Paul has had series of on-field career oriented trainings in projects and organizational leadership in British Columbia, Kenya, Cameroun, and Japan. Paul has spent many years training professionals, managers and other executives. He has successfully rendered coaching and counselling services to many professionals and executives as well.