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Afrinat International Airlines

Afrinat was a West African airline based in Banjul Airport, Gambia and flew to destinations of Gambia, Mali, Guinea, Senegal and Sierra Leone. After years of existence in that market the Afrinat management took a decision to relocate the headquarters to Ghana and restructure the whole company to invest in other sectors. Though the company was first registered in Ghana in 2000, it continued its presence in Gambia until about five years ago. The company renewed its registration and incorporation in Ghana in January 2014.

The airline currently has an Air Carrier Licence (ACL) acquired from the Civil Aviation Authority of Ghana. It also has an alliance with Iceland Air, who act as its international flight mentors. Iceland Air provides aircraft for Afrinat on a wet lease basis. Afrinat International Airlines has taken the legal steps and procedures to meet international regulatory demands. On the International platform, Afrinat is registered with Global Distribution Services (GDS) organizations namely, IATA, SITA, OAG and Travel Port. These are ticketing and other airline ground services providers.

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Afrinat Group Transportation Ltd.

Afrinat is yet to start the ground transport operations in Ghana. Afrinat is expected to bring in MCI and Setra cross country coaches for the transport operations.

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Group Management

CNC Machining and Tooling, Manufacturing of Metalworking Oils, Manufacturing Soil Stabilization Products are the other services we do provide.